Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why Evil Chuck?

So you might be wondering where Evil Chuck comes from?

It all starts about 10 years or so ago. My sister gave me a shirt, and not any ordinary shirt by any means. It had a very menacing looking face on the front. A face very reminiscent of the yellow happy faces that were so ever popular in the 80's, only meaner.

I wore it a few times, and it got lost in the far reaches of my dresser, or possibly the floor of my room, as there were more clothes usually on my floor than my dresser.

The shirt passed through time and eternity, somehow staying in my possession through the end of high school and college. I was reunited with this shirt when I got married and had to pull all of my clothes off of the floor and actually hang them in a closet.

One day I decided to wear the shirt to work. I can't remember if I wore it on purpose, or if it was by predestination. Nonetheless, I happened to be a bit more, shall we say, opinionated and assertive than usual. It was on that same day that my shirt was dubbed the Evil Chuck shirt by my co-workers.

Ever since that day the shirt has been surrounded in an air of mystery. The legend of the shirt quickly spread around. I knew that it would be a thing of legend when I came in to work wearing the shirt one day, and the first words that I heard from my boss were, "Oh crap!"

And that's it. The story of how Evil Chuck came to being has now been told, and its legend will, no doubt, spread even further and wider. I'm not sure yet what will become of this blog, but I'm sure that it should be fun. And I promise to not be evil, unless, of course, if I happen to be wearing the shirt when I blog. :)

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