Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bootstrapping Your Project on the Cheap

In the short time that I have begun working on my new project, several friends have shown interest in wanting to help out. This means that we will need to be able to communicate and share ideas very easily. This also means that you are probably going to need a website, email, wiki, etc. The Web 2.0 market makes it easy to do this on the cheap.
  1. Register your domain name. I use namecheap. For around $9 a year, they have a decent control panel and make it pretty easy to manage your domain. I've used them for about 4 years now with quite a few domains and have not had any problems. any registrar should work though. This is also the only expense that you will have to pay.
  2. Set up Google Apps for your domain. This will give you the whole suite of google applications for your own domain (email, calendar, apps, talk, pages, etc.)
  3. I chose Blogger for blogging. It isn't the most advanced blogging platform, but it works for me, and it allows you to point a domain at it for free! Blogger also lets you set a "pass-through" domain that it will send any requests that it can not handle. I set it to my google pages domain, which allows me to save images, or static pages for my blog there.
  4. I chose Wikidot for a group wiki. The things that sold me for wikidot were private wikis, and being able to point your domain at it for free. They also give you 300mb of file storage!
So for less than $10 a year I get my own domain, email for everyone in the group, messaging, shared calendar, shared documents and document editing, blogs, and a wiki. And the final plus is that it is as private as I need to be.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. :)


Mark said...

I feel exploited.

Michael said...

You might also look at basecamp's free offering. It's not quite bug tracking, but you can set up tasks for people and have discussion threads and stuff.

I'd definitely be interested in helping out as well. I'm still looking to create a comet/ajax-based fantasy type game one of these days. My plan was for something like a MUD, plus nice javascript menus and heads-up display etc. I really need to just sit down and start working on it.

Chuck said...

@michael: I'm thinking of something very similar. I should be posting something soon about that. I'll send you an email soon with some more details if you would like to contribute.

daron said...

Hey Chuck, I'd be interested in helping out however I can. I admit that what little game development experience I've had has not been in the web arena... but I'd love to help out with anything you might need. Heck, I could even work on music, if you think it would be an appropriate addition for a MUD-ish game.